From Engineer to Leadership Coach

I have been an engineer in energy efficiency and a manager in the main gas distribution company in France for 10 years. When I relocated in Singapore, I experimented being jobless for the first time. It was daunting and I started having doubts about my skills and I lost self-confidence.


I found support by hiring a coach. It has been life changing!


I learned to put words on my strengths - active listening, genuinely caring, understanding others point of view without judgment, solving complex technical issues, building teams - and I identified what I was passionate about: 

  • helping people to solve issues, 

  • empower people, 

  • help people grow.  


I decided to become a leadership and team coach because I know that as a leader, despite being constantly surrounded by other people, you can feel very lonely. Lonely with your management concerns. Lonely because you need to show your team and your boss that you are strong and that you can handle the situation. Lonely because you are in charge and must deal with everything by yourself.


As a coach, I want to provide you a safe space where you can share about your management concerns, your doubts, your fears. I will help you find solutions to your problem, think out of the box, see things from a different perspective and learn how to deal with stress, anxiety, and negative emotions.


My mission is to help leaders in Energy & Infrastructure, hear and understand their concerns, help them find solutions that are easy to implement, help them be more efficient and feel better at work.


Degree and certifications


ICF Membership & ACC credential

I am a member of the largest global member network of professional coaches: The International Coaching Federation (ICF).

"The ICF Credential is the only globally recognized professional coaching certification. With an ICF Credential, coaches demonstrate their knowledge, skill, and commitment to high ethical and professional standards.” -

​I have an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential by the ICF.


I also have a Master of Engineering from ENSE3, and a Postgraduate Master of Gas Engineering and Management from Mines ParisTech.


Out of official degrees, I have been Team captain at Raid GDF Suez - a corporate sport event that gathers participants from around the world for 3 days of mountain biking, trail running, kayaking, and orienteering - and Gold medallist at Pacific Games in Pole vault with New Caledonia.